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More than just agency.

AuRoom Staffing Solutions is your favorite employer.

Why AuRoom ?

We staff over 30 companies in Europe

Simple and transparent work permit and visa process

Hundreds of

satisfied employees

700+ applicants and potential candidates

per year

Complex help

with housing, health, transportation, finances and life

AuRoom is a company with a global reach, guided by equal rights and access to the labor market for everyone, regardless of life situation, origin or geopolitical opinions.

AuRoom Staffing Solutions is an innovative employer. Our firm is a full service, all-around Human Resources firm. AuRoom is not just what is commonly referred to as a "work agency". Most importantly, AuRoom is an employer, a workforce and processes outsourcing provider, an immigration advisor, a career consulting and recruitment firm. AuRoom is focused on thorough recruitment of fitting candidates for job vacancies in Poland and the greater Central-European area. We are revolutionizing the experience of so called "work agency" by providing a genuinely full-service experience for candidates that match the employment criteria of our European clients.

From the moment you contact us, we take care of everything for you, beginning with matching your financial and living expectations with a job position at the right place. Moreover, we take care of the entire immigration process by securing and providing essential documentation such as work permit or intent letter. We further assist you with the visa application process by close collaboration with our partner licensed recruitment offices around the globe.

Experienced Advisor Service

Our recruiter will evaluate your skills and recommend a suitable employer and position. 

Constant Diligent Care

We take care of your accommodation, transportation, taxes, healthcare etc. - no hidden fees or unclear pricing.

One Employer - One Point of Contact

Upon arrival in Europe, we take care of all your needs - from transportation to the workplace, to providing you with a phone plan, internet, food, and other essential needs.

Work Permit

- Type S work permit
- Type A work permit
- Labour office verifications
- Communication with labour office

TRC card

- TRC Preparation and filing
- TRC Application in deadline
- TRC Transfer to another regional government office
- Communication with government and monitoring of your case


- Cheap housing
- No rent contract with landlords
- heat, water, electricity, internet
- coordinators and cleaning personnel

Transparent Placement Process

We will guide you through the whole work placement, visa application, insurance and travel process. 

European Work Standards

AuRoom works only with trusted employers - we make sure your work environment and equipment is safe.

The World of Opportunities

We love to see people thrive. If you prove to be an excellent employee and a great person, AuRoom will present you with promotion possibilities or job change options.

Visa Documentation

- Necessary statements
- Employer's documentation
- Employee's requirements
- Document translation for consulates


- Employee Training
- Administrative representation
- Emergency situation handling


- Cheap or free transportation
- home-work-home service
- Emergency situation transportation
- 24h accessibility with notice

AuRoom reviews

Rated on Google - oferty pracy, praca za granicą, job offers, work in poland, poland visa, work permit, agencja pracy, trc

Mthulisi Ndlovu

Steel Construction Factory

Working with AuRoom Staffing Solutions has been nothing less of personal fulfillment and absolute pleasure. The multicultural work space is such an awesome opportunity for growth, interpersonal skills development, full of great energy and a whole team of progressive young minds who are also open minded, loving, kind and friendly. This is home away from home, this is family, I love it here! - oferty pracy, praca za granicą, job offers, work in poland, poland visa, work permit, agencja pracy, trc

Bhaskara Rao Karakula

MAG Welder

Auroom Staffing Solutions is really good with workers. I am working as a MAG welder. I'm so comfortable with them and my boss is so sweet with people in the way they care and the way they talk and the way they helping workers. Finally I just want to say big thank you to all the Auroom Staffing Solutions team. - oferty pracy, praca za granicą, job offers, work in poland, poland visa, work permit, agencja pracy, trc

Tulasa Rao Rati

Metal Grinder

I am working as a grinder in Auroom Staffing Solutions. It's a really good company. They they take good of me and other workers. I really want to say thank you so much to Auroom Staffing Solutions.
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