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More than just agency.

AuRoom Staffing Solutions is your favorite employer.

Why Choose AuRoom

AuRoom is a fair employment firm.

AuRoom Staffing Solutions is an innovative employer. Our firm is a full service , all-around Human Resources firm. AuRoom is not just what is commonly referred to as a "work agency". Most importantly, AuRoom is an employer, a workforce and processes outsourcing provider, an immigration advisor, a career consulting and recruitment firm. AuRoom is focused on thorough recruitment of fitting candidates for job vacancies in Poland and the greater Central-European area. We are revolutionizing the experience of so called "work agency" by providing a genuinely full-service experience for candidates that match the employment criteria of our European clients.

From the moment you contact us, we take care of everything for you, beginning with matching your financial and living expectations with a job position at the right place. Moreover, we take care of the entire immigration process by securing and providing essential documentation sucha as work permit or intent letter. We further assist you with the visa application process by close collaboration with our partner licensed recruitment offices around the globe.

Experienced Advisor Service

Our recruiter will evaluate your skills and recommend a suitable employer and position. 

Constant Diligent Care

We take care of your accommodation, transportation, taxes, healthcare etc. - no hidden fees or unclear pricing.

One Employer - One Point of Contact

Upon arrival in Europe, we take care of all your needs - from transportation to the workplace, to providing you with a phone plan, internet, food, and other essential needs.

Work Permit

- Type S work permit
- Type A work permit
- Labour office verifications
- Communication with labour office

TRC card

- TRC Preparation
- TRC Application
- TRC Transfer
- Communication with government


- Cheap housing
- No rent contract with landlords
- heat, water, electricity, internet
- coordinators and cleaning personnel

Transparent Placement Process

We will guide you through the whole work placement, visa application, insurance and travel process. 

European Work Standards

AuRoom works only with trusted employers - we make sure your work environment and equipment is safe.

The World of Opportunities

We love to see people thrive. If you prove to be an excellent employee and a great person, AuRoom will present you with promotion possibilities or job change options.

Visa Documentation

- Necessary statements
- Employer's documentation
- Employee's requirements
- Document translation for consulates


- Employee Training
- Administrative representation
- Emergency situation handling


- Cheap or free transportation
- home-work-home service
- Emergency situation transportation
- 24h accessibility with notice


Rated                          on Google


Mthulisi Ndlovu

Steel Construction Factory

Working with AuRoom Staffing Solutions has been nothing less of personal fulfillment and absolute pleasure. The multicultural work space is such an awesome opportunity for growth, interpersonal skills development, full of great energy and a whole team of progressive young minds who are also open minded, loving, kind and friendly. This is home away from home, this is family, I love it here!
Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 16.36.27.png

Bhaskara Rao Karakula

MAG Welder

Auroom Staffing Solutions is really good with workers. I am working as a MAG welder. I'm so comfortable with them and my boss is so sweet with people in the way they care and the way they talk and the way they helping workers. Finally I just want to say big thank you to all the Auroom Staffing Solutions team.
Screenshot 2023-04-10 at 16.37.35.png

Tulasa Rao Rati

Metal Grinder

I am working as a grinder in Auroom Staffing Solutions. It's a really good company. They they take good of me and other workers. I really want to say thank you so much to Auroom Staffing Solutions.

Frequently asked Questions

  • How can I apply for work in Central Europe?
    By visiting our website, you've already made the first step! Now, you can fill out the application form, by following this link. Once that's done, our recruiter will contact you in order to set up a recruitment meeting face-to-face or via video chat.
  • What documents do I need in order to apply?
    For the innitial recruitment meeting, all you need is your CV and references (if you have any), and your passport, without which we will not be able to apply for your work permit in case you turn out to be the right candidate. If the recruiter is certain that you are a good canddiate, we will begin the work permit aplication process immediately.
  • Who is an agent and what do they do?
    An agent is the employee of the agency, who will be your point of contact after your arrival in Europe. The agent will pick you up from the airport, transport you to the work place, help you with all arrangements such as food, internet access, accomodation, etc. The agent is also your main point of contact throughout your entire stay in Europe - he or she will help you with anything you might need.
  • Who is a recruiter and what do they do?
    The recruiter is your first point of contact, who will meet with you and talk about your opportunities. A recruiter will then assess whether you are a suitable candidate for any of the job openings in Europe available at the moment. Recruiter's main duty is to guide the chosen candidates through the application process, provide the candidates with the work permit and necessary documents for the visa apointment, prepare the candidates for a visa appointment in the consulate, book their flights and prepare all other formalities before their journey.
  • Who will be my employer?
    The agency is your employer. AuRoom Staffing Solutions based in Europe, will be your employer, who pays your monthly salary, taxes and social insurance. Before your departure, you will receive a copy of the work contract you will sign upon arrival in Europe, so you will be certain of who exactly their employer is, what salary they will earn and what are their work duties.
  • How much money can I earn once I get the job?
    Most entry-level positions for candidates from Hong Kong can earn from 750 USD to 1,250 USD per month (after deduction of the mandatory taxes and social insurance costs).
  • How often is the payday?
    Salary is distributed each month (usually on the 15th day of the month, for the month before).
  • How do I get paid?
    Most employees choose to be pain in cash in the local currency. However, if you choose your sallary to be distributed to your bank account once you get one in europe, your sallary will be paid to this bank account. Moreover, employees often choose to have their money to be send to a foreign bank account, which is also an option we provide.
  • Can I send money I earn to my family abroad?
    Yes, your salary can be transferred to a bank account in another country. All you have to do is tell us what portion of your salary you wish to be sent to the bank account in another country.
  • How long is the workday?
    Depanding on the work position you will be hired for, a typical shift is 8-10 hours, with some instances of 12 hours (if you are hired as a seasonal worker). In some jobs employees are paid on the piece-work basis.
  • What’s the difference between hourly and piece work systems?
    While working on hourly-work basis, employees are paid for each hour of work for performing their duties. While working in a piece-work system, employees are paid per each unit of executed duties. For example, while sorting vegetables an employee will be paid certain amount of money for each kilogram of sorted vegetables. Piece-work can be more financially beneficial for fast working employees.
  • Is there overtime salary if I work more than 8 hours?
    In general, no. Employees are paid the same amount of money for each hour they work, regardless of the amount of hours they work each day. Some job positions allow for overtime, however these are job positions our employees are hired for after at least 6 months of stay in Europe.
  • Where will I live after the arrival to Poland?
    It depends on the job you are hired for. AuRoom has clients all over Europe, therefore there is no straight-forward answer to this question. In principal, we provide free or very cheap accomodation for all employees, which is located near the workplace. It can be a hotel where other employees stay, or a rental apartment, where you will also live with your work colleagues.
  • What do I need to bring with me?
    Here is a short list of essentials: Work clothes (bring comfortable clothes, such as dress pants, sweatshirt, jacket, sneakers, a hat etc.) All neccessary cosmetics At least 300 USD (or 250 EUR) for your life expenses during the first month before you Receive your first salary A smartphone Medicine such as pain relievers, etc. (or specific medicine you can only get in your home country). You can also purchase all kinds of medicine and vitamins in Europe A UK to EU (European) plug-in converter.
  • Who pays for my accommodation?
    In most instances, the accomodation is provided by AuRoom. However, some jobs require an accomodation fee of 50-100 USD/month (these are better paying jobs usually in major cities, so you will earn enough money to pay for it and not feel the cost).
  • Who pays for my food?
    Cost of food is always the responsibility of the employee. Food in countries like Poland is much cheaper than in Hong Kong - usually half the price or more.
  • Will I have health insurance?
    Yes. AuRoom is required to register all employees in the country's social health insurance system (paid for along with your income taxes). You will have access to the public health system, so you can go to the doctor, dentist, dermatologist, the hospital or call for an ambulance at no cost.
  • Will I have access to the doctor?
    Yes. Your social health insurance provides you with public healthcare system access at no additional cost.
  • Will I have access to internet?
    Enter your answer here
  • Is life in Poland expensive?
    Life in Poland is much cheaper than life in Hong Kong or other Western-European countries. An average monthly cost of food and other essentials for one person is about 250 USD.
  • Can Polish people speak English?
    Yes, most Polish citizens can speak English on at least communicative level. Our employees and agents (your point of contact) speak fluent English. Your work supervisors will also speak English.
  • How many foreign workers hired by AuRoom are there already in Poland?
    Right now (as of 01.10.2021), there are about 60 foreign workers in Poland. We hire 3-6 new candidates every week. Don't worry, you will not be alone!
  • How long can I stay in Poland?
    Depending on the job you are hired for, your visa will allow you to stay in Europe for 3-9 months in the beginning. Some job positions will allow for a 1-3 years stay right away. If you prove to be a good worker and wish to extend your stay, AuRoom will make the adequate arrangements to extend your work permit. In some cases, we will help you apply for a Temporary Resident Card, which allows for a prolonged stay and ability to travel across Europe.
  • What is the weather like in Poland?
    Poland has four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. Temperatures vary from -10C to +30C. It snows from December to February. It is best to be prepared for any kind of weather.
  • Where will I live after the arrival to Poland?
  • Who pays for my accommodation?
  • Who pays for my food?
  • Will I have health insurance?
  • Will I have access to internet?
  • Will I have access to the doctor?
  • How long can I stay in Poland?
  • Will the agency help me with extending immigration documents?
  • What do I need to bring with me?
  • How is the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation in Poland?
    Although it's a very subjective statement, the COVID-19 situation in Poland is not severe. More details, including daily number of cases, can be found here (statistics by
  • Do I have to quarantine after my arrival in Poland?
    Persons vaccinated against COVID-19 are exempt from quarantine. This applies to persons who have a certificate of vaccination with a vaccine which has been granted a marketing authorisation within the European Union. Full vaccination is recognised 14 days after completion of the vaccination process. You can find the list of authorised vaccines here. More information about quarantine exemptions and COVID-19 rules in general can be found here.
  • What if I'm not vaccinated and I haven't recovered from COVID-19?
    In that case, make sure to notify us. Travellers who aren't vaccinated or recovered from COVID-19, regardless of their means of transport (collective or individual, including crossing the border on foot), are subject to a 10-day entry quarantine. Travellers subjected to quarantine in Poland will be able, not earlier than on the 8th day counting from the day following the date on which the border was crossed, to undergo a test, with negative result meaning exemption from the quarantine. You can find more information here.
  • Do I have to register somewhere before my flight to Poland?
    From July 17th onwards, any person who crosses the state border of the Republic of Poland by plane is obliged to fill in, prior to check-in, a Passenger Locator Form, either electronically or, if that’s not possible, on paper using the form provided by the on-board staff.
  • What are the current COVID-19 restrictions in Poland?
    Covering the mouth and nose in public spaces is obligatory throughout the entire country. It is mandatory to cover your mouth and nose in such places as: in buses, trams and trains, in shops, malls, banks, markets and post offices in cinemas and theatres, at physician’s offices, in outpatient clinics and hospitals, in massage and tattoo parlours in churches, at schools and universities, In government offices (when going there to take care of certain matters) and other civic centres. Where is it not mandatory to cover your mouth and nose? In forests, parks, green squares, botanical gardens, historic gardens, family community gardens and on beaches as well as while travelling by private car. More information can be found here.
  • Is life in Poland expensive?
  • Can Polish people speak English?
  • How many Filipinos are there already in Poland?
  • What is the weather like in Poland?
  • What is the dominant religion in Poland?

Have more questions? Great! Ask us anything via chat in the lower right corner.

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