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The Process

Have you already submitted your application? If the answer is yes, please familiarize yourself with the recruitment and placement process on this page. We are putting all efforts to ensure that you are well informed. transparency is AuRoom's the core value.

If you haven't applied yet, don't worry! You can still get to know the process and make your decision to apply later.






 Contact us 

In order to give us a chance to contact you, you need to fill the "Applicant Form". We will respond to you within 5 working days or faster. 


 Additional details & appointment 

After your application is received by our recruiter, you will receive an email from our office, asking you to answer a few extra questions and schedule an appointment with us. Depending on your location, the appointment will be held in person or via video chat.


 Initial appointment 

During the initial appointment we further evaluate your skills and propose possible job prospects for you. During our meeting we are also going to explain the visa process, and scan your passport in order to begin the work permit application. 


 Work permit process 

After the initial appointment, we are going to apply for your work permit. Depending on the job position you choose, this step might be a bit long, as it can take up to 4 months in order for your work permit to be issued. Don't worry, we will send you updates and inform you the moment your permit is issued.


 Second appointment 

The moment your work permit is issued and your placement is confirmed, we will notify you via email. You will be then asked to come to our office once gain in order to receive the permit and all additional documents. During this appointment our recruiter will book a visa interview in the consulate of the country you will go to. We will also prepare you for the visa interview in a consulate. Don't worry, we will schedule the appointment for you and tell you all about the process - what to expect, what questions they might ask and will give you useful tips.


 Consulate interview 

After your visa interview at a consulate, you will know if your visa was accepted or denied. This may take up to 1 month. The consulate will then send your passport with a visa to your home address (in some cases you might be required to pick it up from the consulate in person.


 Preparing you for your journey 

The next step is to take care of you before your journey.  We will also prepare a list of things you should pack in your luggage. When all this is done, all you have to do is make sure not to miss your flight.


 Arrival at your new job in a new country 

When you finally land in the new country, our employee will pick you up and transport you to your accommodation at no extra cost. 

Let's Work Together

If you have further questions, please refer to the FAQ section on our website. If you can't find an answer to your question, please send an inquiry to

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