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MIG, MAG, and TIG Welders - What are the Differences?

Spawacze, kluczowi specjaliści w przemyśle produkcyjnym, dzielą się na trzy główne kategorie: MIG, MAG i

Zdjęcie przedstawia spawacza w pracy w stroju dostosowanym do takiej pracy

Welders, key specialists in the manufacturing industry, are divided into three main categories: MIG, MAG, and TIG. Each welding method has its application and requires different skills.

**MIG Welding (Metal Inert Gas)**

MIG, or inert gas welding, uses argon to protect the welded metal. It is a fast and efficient method, ideal for mass production, especially aluminum and non-ferrous metals.

**MAG Welding (Metal Active Gas)**

MAG, based on active gas, uses gas mixtures, such as carbon dioxide, for welding steel. It is more economical than MIG and provides good weld quality.

**TIG Welding (Tungsten Inert Gas)**

TIG, using a non-consumable tungsten electrode, employs argon or helium as an inert gas. It is the preferred method where the highest quality of weld is required, such as in the aerospace industry.

In our agency, we are looking for qualified MIG, MAG, and TIG welders for work both in Poland and abroad. If you are an experienced welder, we offer attractive employment conditions and the opportunity to develop in renowned manufacturing companies. Join us and advance your career in a dynamic work environment!

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